Our services are designed to ensure that you receive clear title to your property.

Omega Title, as your agent, will work with one of several nationally recognized underwriters to provide you with a policy of title insurance to protect your property against claims for title defects.

We will assist you as the buyer, seller, and/or borrower, along with your Realtor and mortgage professional, in completing your real estate purchase, sale, or refinance transaction.

Our core services include:

  • title and lien searches
  • owners & encumbrances reports
  • providing condo and HOA documents
  • clearing title defects, requesting estoppels
  • verifying taxes, obtaining judgment/mortgage payoffs
  • preparing settlement documents and closing statements
  • coordinating the closing with all parties and their professionals
  • conducting the settlement signing 
  • issuing title insurance

Also, we can coordinate 1031 exchanges, assist with For-Sale-By-Owners (FSBOS), foreclosures, and short sales, conduct mobile closings, hold and disburse escrow, and help buyers and sellers with real estate legal representation through our affiliated law firm of Threlkeld & Cetrangelo, P.A.

Legal services available through our affiliated law firm include:

  • real estate contract preparation and negotiations
  • real estate and legal document preparation
  • legal representation of buyers and sellers
  • construction administration 
  • business law and planning


Title Insurance - Title & Lien Searches

Legal Representation - Affiliated Legal Counsel

Real Estate Settlement Services

1031 Exchanges, Foreclosures, Short-Sales

Escrow, Notary, and Mobile Closing Services

Commercial, Industrial, Residential Properties